A Concise Psycho-Physical Postnatal Handbook: a practical guide to the Alexander Technique for maternal well-being after giving birth.

The PP Handbook is based on the Alexander Technique (AT), a method of psycho-physical re-education. It involves a mindful course of action to promote well-being. By increasing self-awareness and learning to stop habitual behaviour you can improve how you feel during the demanding postpartum phase of life. Essential to AT is becoming aware of your own self-management and practising skills to modify stressful habits. The skills learnt and practised with this Handbook can though, feed in to everything you do - all your activities.

What the handbook is about: developing self-care skills, dealing proactively with potentially stressful situations, coping with tiredness, being in contact with your needs, feeding and carrying your baby with Green Check Mark clip art smallawareness.

What this handbook is not about: mothering, the general new family situation, and how to breastfeed, medical issues, losing weight or doing exercises. postpartum handbook

You have been pregnant and through the three trimesters of pregnancy – a time of intense adaptation and change. And then birthing - arguably most intense benevolent, exciting and empowering psycho-physical experience you have ever experienced. Afterwards, there is little time to oneself to recover because there is a new baby to care for, a household to run and you have a partnership too.

So how can you look after yourself and not put yourself at the bottom of the list? The Handbook hopes to answer these questions – but not in a superficial way with ‘hints and tips’. Rather, as a guide to starting a new learning process towards self-care to avoid, among other things, back pain during the postnatal period. There are no specific exercises you have to learn and perform.


Practice non-doing, and everything will fall into place.


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